Fulfillment Services

Turnkey Full Service Solutions

We offer both automated and personal touch plastic card fulfillment services and look forward to developing the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can personalize your plastic cards with a name, account number, barcode, or any other variable data. The cards can then be affixed to an insert or letter, folded and placed into envelopes, sealed, addressed, postage applied, and sent to you or blind shipped directly to the customer.

Fulfillment Capabilities

– Print and store shells for on-demand personalization
Personalize cards with embossing or flat printing
Verify encoded and printed data
Affix and match personalized card to personalized letters or card holders
Fold and insert items into matching window or regular envelopes
Seal, sort, and mail the complete package 


  • Membership Programs

  • Credit Card Distribution

  • Association Programs

  • Clubs & Unions

  • Direct mail requiring an affixed card or sample 

Reduce your costs by saving on labor costs, and enjoying peace of mind with our turnkey fulfillment solutions. 

Prepaid Shell Program

On-Demand Plastic Card Personalization

Our prepaid shell program gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to take advantage of buying plastic cards in bulk, while personalizing those cards with variable data in batches as they are needed. This saves both time and money!

Whether your plastic cards are printed in weekly, monthly, or in sporadic batches, we can develop a cost effective solution that fits your needs.