VIP Cards & Loyalty Cards

How Can Plastic Loyalty & Plastic VIP Cards Help My Business?

Before tackling this question let's reflect on what we know about today's business climate. We are aware that customers are spending less in attempts to save money in these alarming economic times. Facts are, given the lack of easy credit, substantial loss of wealth, and massive job losses; customers simply do not have the spending power that they once enjoyed. So how can we help you capture their business? Depending on the type of establishment there are two card programs that we believe could impact your business immediately. Plastic Loyalty and Plastic VIP Card programs are designed to mostly do one thing and that is to reward customers for coming to you! The plastic cards provide a great advertising piece, which will stay in your customer’s wallet, and offers many opportunities for word of mouth referrals.

The main reason why we have found both tools so effective is, both generate a way to thank your customers and entice them to purchase more often. The businesses that win are the businesses that secure and retain loyal customers! These programs have proven to do just that. “Marketing has to pay for itself (it’s never an expense, it’s an investment)”. In today’s economy almost every business is offering their consumer a reward or perk for repeat purchasing. Now it is even being offered just for permission to receive information to be marketed on a regular basis. A recent study done by the National Restaurant Association showed that “27 percent of adults who said that when it comes to choosing a restaurant, they are paying more attention to coupons and value specials than they were two years ago. So how will you approach today’s economy? If you add a program that is driven by Plastic Cards you will be able to remind your consumer that you are aware of, and appreciative of their continued support. This helps secure customer retention, which is of paramount importance in any industry today.

  • Try using a plastic punch card. This will be a reminder to your consumers that there is value in frequently visiting your restaurant, repair shop, carwash or particular establishment.
  • Plastic rewards card will show your consumers that shopping can be fun again, by offering them extra incentives to use your establishment.
  • Try showing your customers how important they are by offering them a personalized VIP Card. This card will give them a sense of importance, not only for them, but also their guests.
  • Offering your customer a loyalty card will be a constant reminder of your business every time they go and check their wallet. Loyalty programs can be used to notify consumers of special offers, events and entice them to visit your establishment.
  1. Choose from many different types of colored stocks.
    For full color pictures 4 color process is available.
  2. Custom design card
  3. Can be personalized with each member name, account number, expiration date and more. This can be done by :
  4. Can be sent out with personalized carrier
  5. Plastic Cards are capable of being used on most POS systems
  6. Can be driven by the following:
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