Custom Plastic Card has one of the most diverse and complete fulfillment houses in today’s plastic printing industry. Our responsibility to our customer is never taken lightly and our quality control service speaks for itself. We understand that every piece we put out will represent you and the quality of service you offer to a potential or current client. Custom will coordinate a total delivery program from product design to end-user mailing.  We go the extra mile to ensure we remain your first option.

How diverse is Custom Plastic Card?  

  Custom has the capability, but is not limited to:

  • Manufacture and emboss cards
  • Apply and encode magnetic striping
  • Print information such as PINs, and apply scratch-off panels
  • Apply bar codes and printed data
  • Verify encoded and printed data
  • Design card carriers to your specifications
  • Affix cards to carriers
  • Match cards to personalized carriers
  • Design envelopes to your specifications
  • Address and proof envelopes
  • Assemble personalized kits such as boxes or extra pieces you might want to add
  • Insert items into envelopes
  • Affix labels
  • Seal, sort and mail the complete package



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